DIY employment agreements

How it Works

Fast, legal, and affordable DIY employment compliance

Getting legally compliant Individual Employment Agreements, Offer Letters and Letters of Variation for your team can be complex, expensive and frustratingly slow. So, we’ve streamlined the process to make it easy, legally-safe, affordable and hassle-free for you to simply do-it-yourself.

Set up your business identity, employment rules and entitlements

We’ll gather from you your business logo, contact details, your default employment rules (requirements and entitlements) and digital signature for use in employment agreements and letters of offer and set these up as defaults to automate every time you hire. Your user interface, documents and employee portal all are branded with your logo, contact and confidentiality.

Set up your, or use our, automated position description library

We’ll load your existing rolls and position descriptions so you can simply select from your library when hiring and insert position descriptions into employment agreements. New roles can be created using Employr’s library of over 2,000 templates, saving you hours creating legally compliant or ANZSCO mapped job descriptions.

Create employment agreements and offer documents in seconds

You can create New Zealand employment law compliant individual employment agreements, position descriptions and offer letters using your business defaults to generate tailored offer documents in seconds. You can also vary existing agreements quickly and easily with a letter of variation.

Share documents and workplace policies with your employees

Upload and share the signed agreement with your employee along with access to your workplace policies (Health and Safety, Leave, Vehicle Use, Internet Use, IP, Privacy, etc.) and digital employee certification and work visa details in a secure business branded portal.

Track key anniversary dates and trial/probation expiry dates

You will receive automated reminders of upcoming key contract dates: trial period or probationary period upcoming expiry; leave anniversary; certification/licence expiry; work visa end; etc – helping ensure you’re compliant and taking care of business.

Employ easy. Employ legal.

Your complete offer of employment system when hiring, re-hiring, or varying employment agreements.